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Objctives and Missions

a) To encourage, execute and support the studies and developments in Turkey’s lighting arena, to organize scientific meetings and make scientific publications.

b) To be the member of “International Commission on Illumination” and represent Turkey in international arena.

c) To communicate and collaborate with the other members and cooperate with them within their objectives and facilities.

d) To encourage the studies focused on the tools, methods and theoretical subjects of the lighting science and applications, to organize and manage the educational activities.


In 1995, according to the Law of Turkish Higher Education, it was applied to be founded as “Turkish Lighting Committee on Illumination” and on 31 October 1995, the Committee was established. Demonstrating its efforts in line with the undertaken mission, ATMK has rapidly succeeded in representing in representing an important part in the field of lighting in Turkey. The committee actively organise national and international conferences and meetings and has many personal and institutional memberships.

Since 2002, common projects have been developed with AGID-Turkish Lighting Luminaires Manufacturers Association such as Interlight Istanbul Fairs.

ATMK is a member of CIE, Balkanlight and Lux Europa.